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Laptop sometimes turn on correctly sometimes black screen


I have a laptop SATELLITE A350-122 , it’s really old , but it was working very well..

Few weeks ago, its behaviour changed suddenly to become really worst and instable as following: When i press power button , it turns-on and all leds lights correctly (HDD led, Power-On led, Wifi led), but here is different behaviours and steps i did/encountred while booting:

  1. First I have to mention that all this post steps are tested without laptop battery, it’s only tested with charger because my battery life ended.
  2. Sometimes, the screen is fully black (means: like there is no current on the display/monitor) but the laptop fans works well, also its leds turns on, and hdd works, i can hear its little noise, but it stucks there, i mean there is no thing to display.
  3. Sometimes screen/monitor lights, but without displaying any thing, no text, no boot screen no thing (means it’s not fully black as step 2), and also it stucks there.
  4. When i restart pc by holding its power button for several seconds, then press it again, it started, but one of the previous behaviour is encountred another and another times without any boot screen neither displaying anything.
  5. I let my pc off for several minutes (between 15 and 20 minutes) without turning it on.. But after these minutes, i turned it on, the monitor turns on and in that step there is two random possibilities i could encounter along testing times:
    • Sometimes it boot and access into windows correctly and works normally without any problem.
    • Sometimes it stuck after booting into windows and all keyboard & mouse stucks.
    • Sometimes it stuck before booting into windows (after displaying Bios & configuration texts like “press F2 to bios” etc).
  6. When i encounter the previous stucking steps, i try to restart again my laptop, but in that case i return to the first two steps (randomly stucked black screen step 2 or step 3).

To analyse my problem, here is steps i did:

  1. Removed two RAM’s from its slots, and plug the first one RAM into its slot and turn-on power (but no changes).
  2. Removed two RAM’s from its slots, and plug the second one RAM into its slot and turn-on power (but no changes).
  3. I swapped RAM’s from their places/slots (no changes).
  4. I re-tested step 1 & 2 with swapped places/slots (also no changes).
  5. I removed HDD and turn-on (no changes).
  6. I harded reset my laptop with long-press power button (~15 secondes), and turn-on it again (no changes too ).
  7. Finally, i plugged my HDMI desktop monitor cable to check if it’s a display issue, but no changes too, the problem of the random behaviours still the same as on the laptop monitor.

I really did not understand what can make these behaviour, and i’m stuck to define which part is causing this problem.

I hope someone can help me.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @sohaieb ,

What do you mean by #5 "I removed HDD and turn-on (no changes)."? Was there no error message on the screen about a missing OS? Was it just a black screen?

Can you get into BIOS on startup every time OK with a display and no other problems, you didn't say.

Press F2 on startup to enter BIOS.


Hello @jayeff ,

Thank you for your reply,

#5 "I removed HDD and turn-on (no changes)." : yes exactly, i expected to display at least any error message, but nothing was displayed, it was just black..

The problem is that sometimes monitor can display booting step (so i can boot to bios) and sometimes NO (nothing is displayed)..

Now, I did a new check: i power-on my laptop, and i could login to Windows quickly.. I used Hwinfo & Speccy to determine if there is an overheat, and yes i find that my CPU was about 40°, but after ~10-15 minutes of use, it reached 68° and the monitor shutdown as expected.

PS: I cleaned my laptop 4-5 months ago and i changed thermal paste..

so Can this be a cause from the cooling system ?

if yes, how can i deal with this issue please ?




It's not too hot.

It shouldn't shut down as the maximum temp that it can take is 105 deg. C. so it is only at 64% of its operating temp range

Did you try getting into BIOS and leaving it there just to see if the display turns off or not after a while, you didn't say.

Try testing the memory with this free program and see if the problem occurs.

I realize that you checked the memory BUT this is a standalone program and doesn't need the OS to be loaded for it to operate.

It tests the ram but to do this all the other parts of the laptop are in operation as well (except the HDD)so essentially you're indirectly checking them as well.

If it doesn't fail (as far as your problem is concerned) then it is looking like an OS problem or maybe a HDD problem


Hello @jayeff ,

last day, i made 2 memtests using memtest software ,

each test passed without any errors, BUT it stucked sometimes on a random percentage (the first test where at 90% 33% with 8 iterations, and the second on 60% 26% with 24 iterations) but without any errors. I was obligated to force reboot by hold pressing power switch button,to perform the second test because the memtest stucked.

And the thing that i remarked is that my monitor did never get black in memtests, dispite i let it working for several hours (i used my USB disk to perform memtests).

Also as you said, i logged in to BIOS , and i let my pc work for 1 hour, and it did never get black as last ..

So what do you thing ?

thank you in advance


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1 solution

Hi @sohaieb ,

Some things to try if only to eliminate them, as the symptoms are varying as to what happens and when they occur. Finding what the problem is means that you have to see if you can “make it happen” the same every time and to do this you have to start trying different things to see it they show anything or not.

By staying OK in BIOS and mostly passing the memory test its starting to look like a Windows problem or a HDD problem, although it still could be a memory problem as you said that sometimes the memory test didn’t fully pass.

Try a HDD test to make sure that the HDD is OK and not failing

Try starting the laptop in safe mode and see if it stays on OK. The screen will look different but this is because only generic Windows hardware drivers are loaded and not the specific drivers for the laptop’s hardware.

If it does stay on in safe mode you may have to check that the drivers are up to date, especially the graphics adapter drivers (video drivers)

Also run a sfc /scannow command in safe mode just to make sure all the Windows system files are also OK. (Yes there is a space between the sfc and the / in the command line).

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