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The LG Q6 is a 4G LTE smartphone with a touchscreen display as well as front and back camera capabilities.

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Not able to make or recieve phone calls or texts.

Dropped my phone. After which I can no longer make/receive phone calls or texts because I no longer have reception. No bars on display. Just sits in emergency mode. Is the antenna a replaceable part? Where is it located? Or if anyone has advice on what else to do please let me know. I have my phone disassembled but don't see any physical damage.

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Hi @ryguy43 ,

Does it show that the SIM card is not being detected, you didn't say?

If the SIM card is not being detected or if there is a problem 'reading" the SIM card then no signal reception bars will show on the display, so it may not be an antenna problem.

Just wondering if other functions work OK e.g. WiFi and or Bluetooth?


Doesn't say anything about my sim card being undetected.

No I can't hook up to wifi or use the data option.

It fell out of my pocket and landed on the sidewalk. Not a great distance. I'm like wtf? Now its just useless.


I never thought to check the Bluetooth connection.


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Hi @ryguy43 ,

Most probably the BT won’t work either as it uses the same antenna as the WiFi, as both operate on the 2.4GHz band.

If possible try using the WiFi as close as possible to the router, i.e. <10cm. Most WiFi will work at this close range and it is usually a way to tell if the antenna is faulty if they do and that it is not a WiFi chip or a problem on the systemboard

I don’t know the phone but looking at this teardown video, the antenna modules can be seen being removed between 2:44 and 4:06 minutes into the video.

Couple of points to note with the video:

i) the video states that it is for a Q6 but then in the video itself in the titles at the start it says G6?? Looking at the back of the phone during disassembly it does show Q6 so it must be a typo.

ii) At 3:11 minutes into the video it says on the video that the module that has just been removed is the Antenna and ringer set, but looking at an image of a LG Q6 antenna module to me suggests that there is more to it and that it also includes the next section shown being removed up until 4:06 minutes into the video.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Hey man I really appreciate the help. Thanks for taking the time to find out that information. I will check out the video. At the very least it will show me where parts are located and what can be ordered. Thanks again and have a good night.


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