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Repair information for the HP EliteBook 840 G3. This Hewlett-Packard laptop is designed for enterprise usage.

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Is there any hope to recalibrate this pack? eBay purchase

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This one isn't as well setup as my first 840 G3, but it checks a lot of similar boxes other then the screen (768p vs FHD). However, for some reason which I will never get the seller removed the battery. Not a big deal so I thought since I know it uses the CS03XL and they are easy enough to replace. However it did not come with screws but that doesn't affect much, if anything.

The issue I am having with the pack is the battery refuses to calibrate - my other one is fine at 89% health but for some strange reason 3 previous attempts have not cleared the persistent calibration issue. I did get it on eBay as a “new” pack and have noticed capacity drops every attempt, so I suspect it may be a “new 0 cycle" pack which may be part of the issue. At this point I'm pretty confident my “0 cycle” theory is correct (and I only paid $27 and noticed a bit too late to be taken seriously -_-) but is there at least a good way to confirm this so I can just put this pack away for a emergency spare to get by and try to find a true 0 cycle that isn't rigged junk? I have an eye on another one I can try, but I'm suspicious of it too since the box is similar to this used pack that was probably reset.

Update (3/4)

Still dealing with calibration issues but it changed from the 21 error to 20. Still having trouble after 4 attempts…

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So it looks like it may work (attempt 5)

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So yeah, my question is answered.

Warranty type 3. It was reset and sold as “new” when it really isn’t. As soon as I seen the warranty type and thought about it after attempt 6 still not working, I remembered exactly what that means - exhausted/replace.

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