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A home electrical installation is a complex system of electrical components that bring power into a home and distribute it to the various outlets, appliances, and lighting fixtures.

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Can I use a different AC wire for my charger?

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Hi I am literally clueless regarding this. Please see the picture the one circled in red; I don’t have a socket in home for those 3 round pin plug however I have a lot of laptop charger that kind of look similar. Can I use that for my Lenovo docking station ( It came with those round pins and I have checked everywhere simply cannot find one portable adapter for that?

Not sure if its relevant. But the laptop charger has 65 W written on it and the round pin (the one circled above) the charger is 90 W. Would that mean the wire would burn up ?

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1- Plug has 3A/250V

2- This is the one that I can’t use - 16A/250V

3- 5A/250 V

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Question why does the high WATT in this case 90 one has low input example 1.2 A? and the 65 WATT has higher 1.8A.

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Hi @nasahtahir ,

Post an image of the household power socket that the plug has to fit in to? Here's how to do this on iFixit Ajout d'images à une question existante.

The power cable for a 65W charger may be rated less than what a cable used for a 90W charger would be so yes it would heat up it it were used to connect a 90W charger instead.

Check what the input current specifications (if any) are on the information label of both the chargers if you have them that is. Also check closely on the cable itself. Sometimes the specifications for the cable are printed on it somewhere. If the values are the same (they may be to save money by using only the one type of cable) then it is OK to use it. If not then obviously don’t.

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Hi @jayeff please check my updated question. I've added pictures. Furthermore I'm confused as to why 90W has lower A compared to 65W? isn't A current? Would really really appreciate ittt



Don't know why the input ratings would be different. Can only think that as the 65W adapter also can supply other voltages as well maybe this has something to do with how it was designed.

In which country are you located and what is the mains power supply voltage for where you are?

I have checked all the outlet types shown in the "List of Standard types" table, towards the bottom of this this link and there are none like it at all.

It may be that the wall power outlet socket is no longer a type in general use and it may be easier to replace it instead but you would have to know how it was configured first i.e. what wire does what before doing so.


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