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Repair guides and disassembly information for Google's Pixel 4 smartphone, released in October of 2019.

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My pixel 4 wifi will not connect unless I'm close to the router


I changed the screen with the body to my pixel 4 because the original screen broke. After I fixed that the phone won't connect to wifi. I noticed the the coaxial cable on the phone was damaged so I bought galaxy s8 cable from ifixit, because they didn't have pixel 4 cable. I replaced it but the problem remained the same. I did all the troubleshooting steps online and still didn't fix the problem. Any suggestions to how I can fix the issue?

Thank you

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Check that the WiFi antenna cable is securely connected at both ends.

Here’s the iFixit Google Pixel 4 Motherboard Replacement guide that may help you.

One end of the antenna cable is shown in Step.34 of the guide

It can be seen in the image with this answer. It is the grey (white?) cable with the silver connector just below the orange flex cable at the bottom and it goes up past the left side of the battery

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Thank you! I replaced battery and I may have dislodged that connector by the battery. I'll have to look at it one more time to see if that's the case.


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