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Epson XP-211 "general error" but can print

I have an Epson XP-211 printer that can print without problems, is connected to a continuous ink system, and does not fail when printing.

The problems could be said to be several, or perhaps one that affects the rest.

The printer does its normal startup, the head travels from end to end and reads the encoder, but after 15 sec (+ or -) all the lights blink, Status Monitor does not give information that there is a problem and the printer buttons They do not respond when pressed, except for the shutdown (before or after the general error), the buttons are functional as off they respond.

As for the printer scanner, the motor is working properly, the lights appear to be all functional (red, green or white lights are sometimes seen) and it appears to be fully functional (I have no way to check), but I can't check that I worked correctly since when it is on the right the scanner continues to go to the right (it can no longer because it is completely on the right) returning a little to the left and then it goes back to the right until it stops completely and all the lights blink. With the scanner disconnected something similar happens, after 15 seconds (which I think is what it takes for the scanner to travel from left to right) all the lights blink and the printer "locks up".

The "tape" of the scanner was stained with ink, but or is it more than a laminated paper, in the same way I made one with the same shape to see if it was solved and not.

Currently, I use it without connecting the scanner (the flex is disconnected) and it prints without problems although all the lights blink (they do the same with the scanner connected). With the scanner connected Status Monitor says there is paper jammed in the scanner, but I'm just guessing it's a mistake that the scanner head can't go right.

It is not firmware problem, I have tried hundreds of versions even modified and nothing. They are not driver problems (the same way I have tried with 5 OS and different versions) besides that it should be able to work without having to connect it to a PC.

Maybe some things are misspelt or whatever, but it's 3 am, I've been trying various things for a couple of days and I can't get it to stop blocking (throw "general error") be able to use or make buttons work correctly, since the scanner does not matter to me.

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General errors on Epson printer are usually caused due to improper installation of various components on the device. A device that lacks proper ink cartridges and also those that are not inserted correctly on the device also causes issues. Some of the general errors occurring on the device are harmless and you can get rid of the issue with a single push of the 'Reset' button.

Reset the device

You can reset the device with the help of the button provided on the printer for resetting the system. The 'unplug' and the 'turn off' option for the device, along with the disconnection of the power cord also causes the printer to reset itself.

Alternative tips to troubleshoot the issue

One of the simple methods that can solve some general errors is to turn off and turn on the device. You should also check the printer whether there are any obstructions inside the printer. Also, check the cartridges and insert them in the correct position. If the tips mentioned above are not solving the issue, then contact a technician to troubleshoot the hardware.

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