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Commercialisé en mai 2020, ce MacBook Pro 13" comprend des processeurs quad-core 10e génération Intel Core i5 et i7 ainsi qu'une carte graphique Intel Iris Plus intégrée. Modèle A2251/EMC3348 avec quatre ports Thunderbolt 3.

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What is this connection?

Block Image

is this a broken connector? Took this logic board out to inspect (laptop nonfunctional) and among all these ribbon cables this is the only one without copper tabs to slide in and snap down on. This is near trackpad and battery side of the board.

Update (06/17/2021)

Here is the new connector type in the 2020 13” Intel MBP:

Block Image

Block Image

Looks like this 2020 MBP has a different type of connector: it’s a push-in ribbon cable trap with snap down bar. It looked like the end of the ribbon cable had been stripped away but what’s confusing is the new connection just looks like tape on the bottom side. A little peeling on the top side revealed a blue ribbon connection that could be pushed back in.

Many thanks to Dan for sharing pics of the older version. That it had a different connection there (that in this one certainly appears to be missing) led me to investigate further.

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Ouch! Sadly someone lifted off the logic board connector with the ribbon cable.

Sadly, I couldn’t find any 2020 cable or logic board to show you the connector side. Apple changed their supplier and looks like they went with a shielded version given your image.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Thank you. It turns out the connector on 2020 Intel 13” MBP (4TB) has changed. I edited my original question with more pics and left an explaining comment.


@yessammassey - That explains things! Very different interface.


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