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Commercialisé en mai 2020, ce MacBook Pro 13" comprend des processeurs quad-core 10e génération Intel Core i5 et i7 ainsi qu'une carte graphique Intel Iris Plus intégrée. Modèle A2251/EMC3348 avec quatre ports Thunderbolt 3.

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MacBook Pro screen slowly turns black after leaving it on for too long

My MacBook Pro recently screen slowly turns black and has overlay of whatever the windows are on the screen even though it is minimized. However if I use external monitor the external monitor shows without error.

Tried following methods but still NONE are working.

  1. Check Mac's Battery
  2. Restart Mac
  3. Restart Mac with Specical Keys
  4. Reset the NVRAM/PRAM
  5. Disable Suspicious Login Items
  6. Safe boot

Firstly it was completely black. Then after restart a few times, it only shows the top bar

Block Image

The screen then slowly recover line by lines but still have the overlay issue. Here’s a video of it.

Block Image

Then I shutdown the MacBook for a day and it works fine after that. However the screen slowly turns black again with some horizontal and vertical black lines if I leave it on playing some youtube music.

May i know how can I fix the root issue and how to prevent it?

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You need to get to an Apple Store or authorized service center to get your system fixed ASAP! Depending on when you bought your system and where your warranty coverage could expire very soon if not already!

Your display assembly has failed! And you need to get it replaced. Its quite expensive so you really want Apple to pick up the costs here. Don’t let this slide!

OK the why! I suspect your displays T-CON board overheated because the vents where blocked or the fans failed. So the needed cooling was not available. Using a good thermal monitoring app like TG Pro can be helpful in watching things as well as allow you to trigger the fan to ramp up when things are getting toasty!

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Thanks man. However in my country is still in MCO. All the repair shop are closed and unable to visit. Anyway, my warranty had expired last yea. I hope it wont be a huge cost for me.


@sam.g30003 - I wouldn't discount getting it fixed under warranty quite yet! Call Apple to arrange a shipping box so you can ship it to them. Otherwise it will cost you somewhere around $700 - 800 USD just for the part!


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