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This is an older family of Saeco devices. The main difference between Odea and Talea is the SBS brewing system of the Talea line. The model designation of the Odea is SUP031 **, the Talea SUP032 **.

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Trying to troubleshoot my Saeco Odea Giro machine need help!

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Having issues with my machine Its older and used so I thought 60 was a good price for it and would love to get this working. I descaled it first before any testing. Then I noticed the grinder motor needed replacing because it wouldn't turn on and when I opened the machine it was full of grounds. I also cleaned and lubricated the brew unit (haven't replaced OR gaskets yet).

Now the steam wand isn't working right…ugh. The coffee grinder works now but no coffee comes out and I get dry grounds in the dreg bin and only a little water in the drain tray. I can't get to the gears and motor behind the brew unit because of one rusted screw.

I tried to prime the machine again but get the flashing red light and the green water light coming on. Also upon further inspection the plug outlet does have corrosion on one pin and was crackling which I didn't notice before so I unplugged it. Maybe that's why I'm having issues?

I thought it was a clean looking machine and would really like to figure out how to fix it. I'd really appreciate any help!

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Hi @catpuccino ,

Here’s a link to the Talea- Odea service manual that may be of some help.

Bit awkward as you have to step through it a page at a time but still maybe useful

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That's great! I'll take a look through it and hopefully it'll help me figure out the issue.



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