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La DeWalt DCF885 est une visseuse à choc sans fil équipée d'un moteur brushless de 20 Volts, commercialisée en 2012.

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dewalt dcf 885 switch assembly

hi experts.

is it possible to detach only the trigger (the black plastic press button ) from the whole switch assembly and replace it ?
thank you in advance

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Assuming that you have a Type 1 model then looking at the switch assembly (see images below) it may be possible to remove the black plastic trigger but I can’t find any replacements for it, only the complete assembly.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge).

Replacement assemblies are available online. Just search for DeWALT DCF885 type 1 parts to get results for suppliers that suit you best.

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thank you very much . i now know that i have the type 5 model , maybe type 1 still works on the type 5 ?



According to this link the trigger assembly (part #359999) is compatible as that is the same part number as shown in the link I posted above.

As long as your model is a DCF885B model that is ;-)


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