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A high end laptop, made from Aluminum and Carbon fibre chassis, that Dell manufactured in 2018.

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Laptop not turning back on unless plugged in

I recently replaced the battery in my 9570, using the kit and battery from Ifixit, along with a new ram kit from crucial. since the replacement, when the laptop goes into hibernate mode after being left alone, it won’t turn back on unless plugged in. the led battery indactore lights won’t even turn on when this happens. sometimes the dell screen will flash, then turn back off.

Once its back on, it can be unplugged and it behaves normally.

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Did you replace it with a DELL battery?


@aactech I bought the battery from Ifixit, so I assume so?


This sounds like the computer may not actually be entering hibernation. Have you verified that the computer enters hibernation? It is possible for the computer to wake out of hibernation and drain the battery. I would check your power settings and verify, also make sure settings such as WOL (Wake on LAN) are not also causing the computer to come out of hibernation.


If I understand what you are saying, it isn't an issue with the battery being drained. The battery has power. It happened this morning and after I plugged it in and turned it on, it was at 90%.


@ahzidea Oh, I misunderstood. Have you attempted to run a test on your RAM using a tool such as memtest? It could be a number of things, but given the information you provided, I would personally start by testing the RAM. RAM can be responsible for a number of "unexplainable" issues. Amongst other things.


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For possible hardware/firmware cause resetting the BIOS may help. Here is the link to the XPS 15 SErvice Manual (bless HP):

Page 50 for the actual part - you just need to unplug it for 1 minute

Here’s the steps:

Of course look at the IFIXIT tear down:

Dell XPS 15 9570 Unboxing, Battery & RAM Removal

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Hi @aactech @ahzidea

When removing the battery to reset the BIOS it may also be prudent to remove the coin cell RTC battery as well just to be sure - see p.50



Hi @jayeff

I thought is what I just wrote "Page 29 for the actual part - you just need to unplug it for 1 minute". . .

Hooops! I should have written Section 29 or page 50. Corrected.



Just me being pedantic.

p.29 only shows the main battery removal and sometimes it is necessary to remove the RTC battery as well.

It is mentioned in the procedure in the link you provided but there are a few more steps to get to it i.e. removing the systemboard and the OP might forget to try this if it doesn't work after disconnecting/reconnecting the main battery only.



@jayeff @aactech this is a bit more advanced/ pulling apart my laptop than I am comfortable with. I'll try it, but it will have to wait until I have a day where I can really focus on it. I will make sure to update this thread/topic when I do. for now, I just have to make sure I always save before closing my laptop and makeing sure a charger is nearby I guess.


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