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The Apple Extended Keyboard is a USB-A extended keyboard with an aluminum body and a numeric keypad.

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Mac keyboard typing wrong letters

hi there!

I’ve got issue with my extended mac keyboard. As an exemple when i’m punching the letter P, the O also appear.

It also doing it with the L and the ;

I noticed that these keys are alongside on the keyboard.

Someone have a solution with this issue?

thanks :-)

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You must have had a spill into the keyboard so the signal lines are damaged shorting out.

Think of it this way… Your keyboard is a grid of horizontal and vertical lines. The point where they cross is the Key shorting them to make the given signal to the keyboard encoder. This is all done within the keyboard.

Sadly, Apple does not design its newer keyboards as serviceable. Time for a new keyboard ;-{

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Thanks a lot for your answer Dan! :-)


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Replacement required

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