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A1706 / EMC 3071 – sorti en novembre 2016, ce MacBook Pro 13" présente le Touch Bar avec écran OLED. Il inclut un processeur Intel Core i5 dual-core "Skylake" et quatre ports Thunderbolt 3.

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Touchbar dead after keyboard replacement

Hi, I have replaced the keyboard and backlight on 2 MacBook Pro A1706s. This is just the keyboard and backlight, not the entire topcase.

The issue I have is that the Touch bar is dead on both of them. If I disconnect all the screws and flex cables except for the touchbar, power button, keyboard, touchpad and TB and boot the Mac the Touchbar works on both.

If I connect everything i.e. screws and all flex cables the Touchbar is dead. Exactly the same on both. I have done the usual NVRAM, SMC, macOS install and it does not fix the issue.

I have taken everything apart and checked the logic board and the flex cables under a microscope and I find no issue. Everything looks fine.

Because I have the same issue on both devices I’m wondering if it is the keyboards as I got them from the same supplier. Has anyone got any experience with this issue or have any ideas ?

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I think you nailed it you have a bad keyboard unit!

I would look at the TouchBar power rails, I’m suspecting one is being shorted out when you tighten the keyboard screws. The other possibility is you are a long screw when a short screw should be.

Look at the old keyboard mounting points to see if the new one matches exactly the same exposed areas where the mounting screws are located.

Given the difficulty I prefer to replace the full uppercase assembly.

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I agree with replacing the full uppercase assembly, I am doing a 2016 15" right now. I will be putting in new speakers as they are so hard to get out without damage. To bad there were no guides on doing this.


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