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The Chevrolet Cavalier is a compact automobile produced from 1982 to 2005 by General Motors.

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wont stay running when cold and wont idle at low speed

when you drive in town it dies all the time when I am on the highway its like it has 3 spark plug and not 4

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So it sounds like it has a rough idle, poor performance and power loss. The first things I would be looking at it, how old are the spark plugs, wiring, fuel filter etc. Your error can be pretty complex, so you have to start somewhere. Change your plugs, your wiring and look at the ignition coil as well. Take a good look at the spark plugs face. See if they are burned or really oily. Change your air filter and your oil and filter. Check all vacuum lines for leaks. Change your fuel filter. Once you did all those things, re-evaluate and see what you got. Should you still have problems with it after, see if you can get it hooked up to an engine analyzer and see if it gives you any error codes. Also, you might consider a compression test for the engine to see if you have leaky rigs, bad valves etc. That is where I would start and go from there. Let us know if you need any help with any of this. Lots of good people on here that are willing to assist you. Good Luck.

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The symptoms you describe could be caused by a multitude of different problems. Modern automobiles engines are extremely complex, however you can eliminate some things right off the bat.

If your Malfunction Indication Lamp, or "Check Engine Light" is on, you may be able to take the vehicle to an auto parts store and ask to have your OBDII (On Board Diagnostics) codes read.

As your car runs the engine control unit monitors performance and emissions and constantly adjusts to give optimum performance, if something goes wrong it will light up the check engine light and store the code. It is a great place to start, and usually costs nothing.

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You could override the idle controller and set the idle manually via this circuit

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