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La mise à jour tant attendue du célèbre Mac Mini. Processeurs disponibles : Intel Core i3 quad-core à 3,6 Ghz, Intel Core i5 hexa-core à 3,0 Ghz et Intel Core i7 hexa-core à 3,2 Ghz.

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Fan runs fast after RAM upgrade

I just upgraded the RAM in my late 2018 Mac mini, and now the fan seems to run all the time. Prior to the upgrade it was rare that I heard it. It might ramp up but then would go back down.

Now it’s always audible & running. Went from 8GB to 32GB - So far everything seems to be functioning as normal.

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Did you try running the onboard diagnostics? Restart your system holding the D key, did you get any errors?

Reference: Mac startup key combinations


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I had this on a earlier generation Mini and it was because on of the cables for the sensor’s were loose. Not sure if this is the same issue on the 2018 model.

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Did you find a solution for this? I have just done the RAM upgrade from 16GB to 32GB and now the fan often speeds up to full speed (about 4000rpm according to iStats), often no for reason. Before the upgrade I would barely notice it even if I was doing something intensive.

While I had the fan out I did blow all the dust out so the fan and exhaust are both clear.

I have tried the onboard diagnostics as suggested above but it found no errors.

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@stevenew - Time to install a better tool to monitor your systems thermals. iStats Is not bad it just doesn’t convey the information that well and can’t log it over time. I would use TG Pro



I will take a look at TG Pro, do you think it might show why this fan speed up is happening? I have had the mini since 2020 and iStats has been installed all that time but even during intensive Cubase sessions it has never sped up this fast, I have never heard it sound so loud. Also I am not using iStats to control the fan speed, it is controlled by the default system.

As this coincides with upgrading the RAM I am convinced something physical must have happened. I am fairly experienced at taking computers apart but it is always possible I damaged a sensor or perhaps the fan.


@stevenew - While you could have snagged something in the process, adding the RAM shouldn’t cause the system to ramp up the fan.

The app in it’s self can only show you the data it has access to. The full version does offer a diagnostic mode which we’ve become more dependent on as Apple has damaged the onboard diagnostics in the newer firmware releases.

Leveraging the logging in conjunction with Activity Monitor logging we can link the two so we can track the heat creation to the hardware and being gotten rid of.



I have bought & installed TG Pro, the diagnostics seem to think the fan & sensors are OK. It would seem that I am getting jumps in CPU temperature that is hitting 90 - 100c and sending the fan speed shooting up to around 4000rpm, this can happen just opening Safari or Mail as well as in intensive sessions in Cubase. I am sure these drastic jumps in temperature were not happening prior to upgrading the RAM, well I certainly never noticed the fan speeding up like this, when it's at 4000rpm it is pretty noisy.


@stevenew - Did you take the heatsink off? I’ve seen issue with people over-doing the thermal paste, thinking more is better < Not! >

I’ve also seen heatsinks fail as the coolant had leaked out so it was not effective anymore.


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