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Repair guides and support for the 3rd generation Ranger, a compact pickup truck manufactured by Ford.

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Loosing most of voltage after attempting to crank

O7 Ranger won't crank or start. New starter & battery. Checked that it had 12 volts at starter. 1st Attempt to turn key, lights are all on & it clicks once & nothing. Release key. 2nd Attempt, no click, no lights, no headlights, nothing! Check voltage back at starter again, dropped to 2.86. Wait 30 seconds or so, dash & headlights back, along with 12 volts at starter. Any help or suggestions? Thanks!

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It can be bad cable lugs on battery, bad battery wire or loose contact on that power wire. Also check wire which going from battery to starter.

Usually voltage drop caused by bad contact somewhere.


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@lzturk sounds like your starter is pulling a whole lot of amps that the electrical system gets depleted and needs time to recover. I suggest that you change or properly clean (check for corrosion inside the wire) your cables and provide a really good ground. Check your starter relay (if your model has one) if it does not then the issue could also affect the PCW. Also, check the wires on your 80A Main fuse and make sure all is snugged up and corrosion-free.

If nothing else and since you are already working on it, remove your starter from the vehicle and try to run the starter while it is out. Make sure that it all works before you mount it. (Your engine does turn over if you use a socket and breaker bar to turn it, right?)

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