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This Chromebook is one of the many popular laptops given to students by schools. It charges via USB C and has 2 USB ports

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How to delete all wipe clean all administration lock from drive

Delete all administration hardware from Dell Chromebook 3100 2/1

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idk i just want this off


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If your cromebook is a part of a school district this is a bad idea, you could get in a lot of trouble, plus those rules are there for a reason.

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no, so you don't play games and stuff


"That reason is to make sure these devices can never be reused."

@guardian10 No, it isn't. It's there to secure the asset as a school owned device if it's lost or stolen (the filtering is a bonus, and basically required by law, see CIPA :/), but they often forget to remove it. It's like BIOS passwords on Dell surplus; I know how to deal with it, but it's fixable. Not on HP or Lenovo. I don't discuss how to break BIOS passwords, so don't ask.

Same issue w/ Computrace -- lazy admins forget. But Absolute will remove it if it's very clearly an old hobbyist purchase, like my Quadro 160M E6400. If I know ahead of time, I know I need to call Absolute, then setup the laptop, then let it sit.

I got my kicks in against school IT in middle and high school and got my chops early; then went straight for certs and work. The stunts I got away with make me beyond qualified to debunk this.


This was a very good post, I was about to delete my administrator but then I read this.

Thank you!


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The MDM is tied to Google using the device S/N, and enforced with a firmware lock. Unless you reflash the firmware from scratch (which is nearly impossible without a dump, as Google does not publicly release the BIOS files for these; but they all use the same BIOS), find out how to reflash it (each OEM does this differently and this is also confidential beyond Google's public-facing info) and change the serial number (which requires an EEPROM programmer on newer post-"CR-48" Chromebooks since Google fixed the CLI exploit and added an option to block the developer mode on these newer models even with the WP screw removed) there's no way to remove it without a new motherboard. It's effectively the same as MDM like Apple Business Manager and Jamf which tie to a provisioning ID unique to the machine and S/N it is associated with.

If there was a way to do this without losing the Chromebook BIOS and make it like new without custom hacking like flashing a standard PC BIOS (and losing Chrome OS), do you not think I'd break into a few of the reasonably new ones to mock people who think these are secure as a "trophy" and laugh at how much of it is security theater, and if I ran into any of my old teachers mention the Chromebooks are just as easy? I did this stuff in high school for sport so I could play Halo CE LAN parties with my class in the WinXP days so I could play Halo and make the school web filter look like the joke it is. The only way this gets removed is by the ORIGINAL OWNER unless you change the motherboard. School surplus is usually more trouble than it is worth; they're either EOL or abused in so many ways looking at it wrong could break it unexpectedly and you now need to rebuild a dirt-cheap surplus laptop at the same price as a replacement unit. If anyone is qualified to cover this, it's someone who did a few dirty deeds in school and has the experience and chops to debunk this kind of nonsense. Unless you know your way around these things you would not know why any way to remove it outside of a new board is garbage advice which does nothing.

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Did you buy the computer?

Update (11/20/23)

If not and you still are in school and the computer is still on the property of the district, you could get into a lot of trouble for this type of action.

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