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The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini E10i runs on a custom version of Android and features 3G access. Released in 2010.

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Water Damage

My Sony Ericsson xperia x10 fell into water and just went black. It still charges but now i need to see if it works.Should i send it to Sony Ericsson or how can i get it fixed?


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Anna is it an X10 or a x10 Mini E10?


toilet no good. dirty phone. buy new telephone.


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Anna I would suggest that you first clean your device. Use this as your guide. After that, re-evaluate your phone. you can try a restore by downloading PC SUIT from here

install it, start the Software

Press Tools

Press Phone repair

Press Continue

Wait for PC Suit to download the file

Follow the prompts and select Model X10

Connect your phone while holding the back button and plug the USB cord in. Let the drivers install wan wait while it completes.

Again this may or may not work. I am really more leaning toward you needing a new LCD due to the water damage. But follow the steps anyway. You can download the compete service manual from here. Hope this helps and gets you started in the right direction. Good Luck

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Sorry, I posted at the same time


Wow great minds think alike ;-)


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Hey dear, the same thing happened to my experia arc. Gosh its brande new.. it fell into the toilet lol.

ok well, bo panic. all you should do is dry it with a vacuum. Or place in the sunshine for few hrs without touching it or turning it on constently please. turning on a cell when its still dry frys the cell. You can also place it infront of the fan for few hrs. When you see its completely dry only than put in the battery and sim and turn it on. Remember they drying process should be done with having the battery and sim out of it in first.

It will really help. If not, than you have to seperate all the partd and dry eah part individually. and fix it and turn it on..

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pc suit

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What does that mean? Is it an answer or a question?


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