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Guides and repair information for the LG Aristo, also known by the model numbers LGMS210 or MS210. It was released in January 2017.

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LCD Ribbon Connector Pinout

I need info on a project I'm working on. I have a working LG lm x210 without a screen. Ideally, I'd like to attach a screen I have from a Vantron 5081G Tablet. It has a 31 pin LCD ribbon connector. I realize not all of the pins are used. I need to know which pins are used & where they go. If that isn't possible, I have 3 other screens. The Samsung sm J100, the Samsung sm J120 & a Motorola XT 1921-8. It's a project specifically trying to see if this can be done. I can't go buy any parts, phones or anything like that. I have to use the parts I have. ANY help at all will be greatly appreciated. If anyone knows someone or somewhere else I can ask, please tell me. Thank you in advance for all of your help.

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Sounds like a good project although I doubt anyone here will have a pin out for these devices. Have you got much experience in electronics and microsoldering? The reason I ask is that the backlight and image voltage on the tablet screen will need to be a lot greater than the LG phone producers so you might have to design a separate circuit but it will be very hard on the battery.

The touch and image data circuits on the phone will also be different than the circuits on the tablet screen and I don’t know how or even if you could address this issue.

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I'm needing to power the backlight from the tablet's power source it's got a 12volt step up transformer for the backlight, but I want to jump wires from the phones 40 pin screen ribbon connector to the tablets 31 pin LCD connector ribbon if this possible.? But I need to know what goes to what and what I can skip bc I know that not all of the pins are used or some grounds are duplicates. If you don't know this info could you please connect me with someone who might be able to help me? I could be mistaken but I believe everything besides the backlight is 3 volt logic??? Is it possible to replace the lcd inputs from the tablet's ribbon connector with jumper wires from the mobile phone?


This would be an extremely complex procedure. You are talking about reverse engineering which will require hours of diagnosing with an oscilloscope for example if you did manage to get the pinouts from both devices the 20 data lines for touch are not going to be called the same on both devices. Every make and model will have different signals and line names. You might be able to run the backlight from the tablet power supply but you will need the LCD power lines coming from the phone.

You might be able to add a few diodes and boost up the required power for the tablet screen with some mosfets, coils and capacitors but it will need to be done after the diodes. Once you get an image you can move on to all the touch lines.


I'm not really concerned about picture quality. I know it's gonna be diminished, that doesn't matter. I still need the pinouts to see which grounds, duplicates or unused pins I can skip for the following devices, the Vantron 5081, the Motorola xt 1921-8, Samsung J100 & the Samsung J120. Do you have that or know where I can find them? I also wanna sincerely thank you for the help you've given me & responding to my post. I've been looking for this for a while now & you're the first person that's legitimately tried helping me. The time & work that I'll have to do doesn't matter. I know it's gonna be difficult & time consuming. I also know I can do it if given the right directions from the pinouts. I just need to find them first.


Honestly I don’t think you will find any pin outs for these makes. You could try and find some schematics on the Russian sites other than that unless @jayeff might have seen some you will need to do it the hard way with multimeters, oscilloscopes and the two working devices so you can get readings from the connectors.

If you just want to start with the ground pins you just need a cheap multimeter.


Do you have the names of the Russian sites?


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