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La mise à jour tant attendue du célèbre Mac Mini. Processeurs disponibles : Intel Core i3 quad-core à 3,6 Ghz, Intel Core i5 hexa-core à 3,0 Ghz et Intel Core i7 hexa-core à 3,2 Ghz.

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Is the custom RAM from iFixit not working after Monterey upgrade?

I had bought the 2018 version of Mac Mini in 2020. The last intel chip in mini. I used the iFixit kit to upgrade the RAM from 8 GB to 64 GB and it worked fine for a year. Suddenly after the Mac OS Monterey update the custom RAM just does not work and keeps crashing the mac.

It was actually quite difficult to debug that the issue was in the RAM. Now that I have, I can reliably reproduce the issue and am now stuck with the original 8 Gigs of RAM.

Is anyone else having this issue ? Has anyone solved this so far ?

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Although my non-OEM RAM isn't from iFixit, I had the same issue beginning with Monterey. I tried safe mode, rebuild, SMC and PRAM resets, the fix was to reinstall the OEM RAM. No panics for a week now, whereas I was getting two to seven per day since upgrading to Monterey and it's accompanying firmware updates.


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Did you try reseating the RAM also did you put the shield back on as some folks didn’t want to put back on.

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Yep the shield has always been on. I actually tried switching the original apple RAM and the iFixit atleast 3 times since I did not want to downgrade from 64 GB back to the original 8GB.

This repeated exercise has made me believe its the RAM that Monterey does not like.

What I want to try next is a hybrid - 1 stick (4GB) of the Apple RAM and 1 stick (32GB) of the iFixit one.


@oolalalal - At this point I think you need to build an external bootable drive to install an older macOS release to check things again that way. IF the system, is struggling with it that points to a firmware issue.

Apple has had a hard time with the dual Intel CPU's & Apple's own SOC's OS's. Monterey has had a ton of issues. The best thing is to report the problem to Apple as I'm sure due to COVID they didn't spend the amount of time testing they should of. That ugly word Assume becomes fact before you know it! The testers Ass-U-me'd if they check one system in that release cycle all systems within that release cycle or even the amount of RAM one could boost the system would be just fine!

And Yes! The systems firmware was tweaked in Monterey! That could have altered the RAM's RAS & CAS timing so working RAM stopped working! Thats not the SO-DIMM's fault the rug was pulled out from under it.


Ya I agree with you. This is an issue. My beef is with Apple but also don't want consumers to loose trust from iFixit because they're doing some really great stuff here. It's better for iFixit to put this as a warning banner. What I was thinking of trying later was to move back to Big Sur and try whether SO-DIMM RAMs still work. However, I am not sure if I can revert the firmware version through this OS downgrade.


@oolalalal - Sorry, thats the point you can't revert the firmware back. But you won't know until you try an older release of macOS to see what happens.

If it doesn't change then thats a firmware bug.

Even still I would fire off a message to the iFixit store to see if you can get a replacement set. Do you still have your paperwork and is it still within the warranty coverage?


The iFixit team contacted me and they were awesome enough to issue a refund. I am wondering if there is any other RAM vendor that I can still use with Monterey though


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