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Help for Samsung televisions with model code LN32D403.

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My Samsung television keeps glitching out

My Samsung television keeps glitching out for years now. Today, it got worse, and the glitching was followed by a “Weak or No Signal” message. Why does this keep happening? Solutions are welcome.

My Samsung TV model is LN32D403T-MX5HAUSC-1009.0.

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Try to bring another TV, fully functional of course, either (same or different features) and connect it in the same way and the same way as the one that is failing, and see if the same failure occurs. From there you can draw conclusions. If it presents the same failure, the problem is in the connection or orientation of the antenna, if the new TV does not present failure, it means that the first TV has a malfunction or a faulty internal circuit.


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What is the source of the TV signal, a TV antenna or a cable box etc?

Try enabling the digital noise filter setting in the TV and check if that improves the signal and resolves the problem.

If still no good and if the TV is connected to an outside TV antenna, check that the antenna is pointing directly towards the TV transmission tower so as to maximize the signal strength. Compare it to other antennas in your neighbourhood to get the direction.

If the TV is connected to an indoor antenna, you may need to boost the signal with an antenna amplifier (supplier example only)

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