no charging from either port?

Hi all, just been handed an A1708 to look at. No charge so no start just flashing red batt symbol so at least that means video and some part of logic board working ok. Tried usual

SMC and PRM resets to no avail so i assume i am going down the road of digging deeper internally unless anyone has a good way of troubleshooting further without taking back off. After a little searching it seems that the dual port part requires soldering onto the board. Sadly not my area of expertise so trying all other avenues before handing it over to a more skilled fixer. Any ideas very welcome!

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Have you been having issues with the ports before this?

I think you really don't have a choice here, I would visit an Apple Store as Apple does have a few extended warranty programs for your system.


Hi Dan, as I suspected it will need a more skilled individual to sort this one but as you suggest I will see what my local outlet has to offer.

Thank you Dan.


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