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Sixth generation of Apple’s wireless base station, released June 2013. The tower provides dual-band support wireless access and is Apple’s first router with 802.11ac technology.

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low read/write speed ethernet

i have this model but(a1470) with HDD 2tb USA version, wifi normal but speed write and read is very low(only 10-15 mb/s) instead 40-70 mb/s another users.

COnnected to PC windows with Ethernet and on PC motherboard LAN 1000mb/s

What should i do?

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question does not give enough info to diagnose.

how are you determining speed?

are you saying wifi speed is normal but Ether speed is not?

Internet speed is upload/download not read/write - what are you talking about?


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Why Your Hard Drive Gets Slow

HDDs and SSDs are commonly used in your daily life to store films, games, and other files rather than with a flash drive or a DVD. However, sometimes a hard drive may become slow to read and write, and for no obvious reasons. To find out the reasons and solve the slow hard drive issue better, you should give you a head start on understanding what causes slow performance.

  1. 1. Torrents and P2P software
  2. 2. Insufficient power or USB ports
  3. 3. Not enough free hard drive space
  4. 4. Logic errors and bad sectors
  5. 5. Damaged disk
  6. 6. Hardware failure...

Now that you have known the reason why the hard drive takes a long time to read, you can follow the fixes to solve your problem and speed up your hard drive easily.

Fix 1. Upgrade the Hard Drive

Fix 2. Uninstall Unwanted Programs

Fix 3. Check the Speed

Fix 4. Switch the SATA

Fix 5. Clean Up Junk Files

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