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The 5th generation of the Moto E Play smartphones, released in July 2018. Model numbers XT1921

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Charging port pins damaged?

My phone was only charging when I pushed the charger in as hard as I could. I cleaned out the port with a toothpick, but now it's very finicky. It will only charge in USB mode instead of AC, and it's much too slow even after I replaced the battery. Sometimes I have to twist or push the charger around to get it to connect at all. I think the pins are damaged somehow, but they are as straight and clean as I can get them. Other micro usb ports I've compared it to look much sturdier, but this one has very thin, flimsy pins!

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I assume you are talking about a micro USB port. I have had issues with some devices. It is very difficult to tweak those pins. You said it works OK with a USB charger vs the AC charger. That would indicat the AC has a separate cable. Therefore it may be a problem with the AC connector and not the phone connector.

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Some good comments here...

All USB charging is done with DC.

Whether its a USB cable in a power bank or a USB cable into an AC adapter.

Asking Bekahoot;

What is the difference between a "USB charger" and a USB "AC charger?

I'm sorry I'm European I don't get the difference.


In my thinking an "AC charger" is one that plugs into the mains. A "USB Charger" would be plugged into a std USB port as on a computer.


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We need to establish where exactly the problem is in the power supply chain?

If you follow @craiglloyd Motorola Moto E5 Play Screen Replacement guide from steps 4 as far as step 11.

  • The problem is either going to be the in the USB charge connector OR with the motherboard flex to the so called “daughter board”

Block Image

  • The intermittent / Slow charge could be an intermittent connection (increased contact resistance) on the motherboard flex. Sometimes carefully opening and closing the connection may have a positive result.

Block Image

  • The daughter board can be removed from step 11 to step 12 where it can be inspected visually.

Block Image

  • Bear in mind the USB port is an electro/mechanical component subject to repeated use, stresses and strains and can and will wear out eventually.
  • If its questionable it seems like a servicable part I’d replace it

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I am as we speak messing with my lovely port ,this ain't my first rodeo guys and gals,its my second. Thankfully it don't seem as bad as the first time I can say though it is not hard to fix. My sons gf changed mine out with another one in like 5 minutes I was amazed(thought that might give someone some hope out there). Seems this time its just the lil tiny pins, if I knew how the pesky lil sh*ts looked normal I might be able to do a quick fix hope I helped keep hope alive

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Compare the pins to a good cable. It is very difficult to reform those pins. Messing them up with too much reform action is easy. Check for bad solder connections if it is on a PCB. I have had that problem with some devices.


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