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Standard and high definition handheld video cameras by Sony.

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My AX33 will stall and appear almost slow motion during playback

Stuttering and playing almost in slow motion on playback. I have an AX33, what would cause that?

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Hi @lori357 ,

What is the "speed" classification of the memory card in the camcorder?

Class 10 SD cards work better with video than Class 4 cards for example.

The speed class information is on the card label.

The user manual says to use a Class 10 SD card if using for 4K video recording - see p.19

Has it worked OK before using the same memory card?

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I am using an Extreme Plus 150 MB 128 G San Disc that I have used before. I had this problem once about a year ago and someone at Precision (maybe the only Sony repair place left?) said no to set it to record in 4K as it may cause that (Kinda stupid to have a 4K camera that can't be used that way), so it isn't even set to record in 4K.



Try another SD card just to eliminate it as the problem.

Is the latest firmware installed?


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