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How to convert replacement battery pack, 4-pin jst connector to 3-pin

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Hi there, my mobile router battery recently swelled and I needed to replace it but could only find a replacement that comes with a 4-pin jst wire connector however my previous battery had a 3-pin jst wire connector. Am I able to convert the 4-pin into 3-pin so that it will be able to slot in, on the mobile router circuit board

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What is the make and model number of the mobile router?

What is the full model number on the battery that was in the router? (printed on battery)

Converting 4 wires to 3 might not be safe to do if you don't know what the functions of the battery wires are, more so the yellow and the white, assuming that the red and black are the +ve and -ve leads.

You could end up with a fire or overcharging the battery and damaging it, if you connect it incorrectly


@jayeff hi thanks for your help. The mobile router is a ZTE MF910. The battery model number is Li3823T43P3h715345


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Hi @theshen

Search for Li3823T43P3h715345 (supplier examples only) to get results for suppliers that suit you best

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