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Annoncé le 9 septembre 2014, ce dispositif est la première percée d'Apple dans les objets connectés. Les manuels de réparation d'iFixit s'appliquent à l'Apple Watch (acier) et à l'Apple Watch Sport (aluminium).

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Looking for description of screws in an apple watch original series.

I’ve got a couple of stripped screws on my Apple Watch (original series) that I am trying to replace. The iFixit website sells a set of these screws (IF308-017-1) but they are out of stock and have been for at least a month. If I could get the description of each screw I could purchase each individual screw that I need. Example screw description = M1x2 mm.

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The iFixit screw set was assembled by someone taking the time to strip down a watch for its parts. Sadly, the demand for the screws for this series of watches is just not there. The best you can do is locate a junker to do the same stripping it down to get the needed screws to fix yours.

I don’t know of anyone still fixing this series, so getting a listing of the screws sizes even from Apple is not likely to happen and most are custom screws not something you can locate from other sources.

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Thanks Dan. I was afraid that’s the answer I would get. For now I’ll keep taking it apart (if I can ever get those stripped screws out). I have an Apple Watch 6, so when the battery went bad on my old one I decided to repair it. It’s mostly a learning project, so it won’t be the end of the world if I don’t fix it. But I sure hope someday I do fix it. Lots of good learnings so far with this project.


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