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Here are the repair guides for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

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My phone keeps restarting when connected to wifi

My phone start restarting itself a few days ago, but only when connected to wifi. Is it possible to replace the wifi component of the phone? I’m thinking maybe the wifi component is faulty.

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Try using the WiFi in safe mode and check if the problem occurs.

Does it only happen when using one particular app or a few of them?


yea i forgot to add, I already entered into recovery mode and wiped the phone to factory settings 2 times, the problem remains. However, the phone stops restarting as soon as I disable wifi

so no apps in particular


Hi @hikagugunner

Does it also do this when the charger is connected?


yes,it also keeps restarting with charger connected. only thing that works is disabling wifi


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Hi @hikarugunner ,

Here’s just one link to the schematics that may help. There are others but with some they want credit card or you have to join the website to download.

I haven’t downloaded this one to view it In any event as always when downloading files check them with a virus checker before opening.

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