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Device repair and information for HP's line of Pavilion 15" laptop computers.

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How to solve 5 long and 3 short caps lock blink?

My laptop is model is HP Pavilion 15 ( au172tx ) and not turning on. It shows 5 long and 3 short caps lock blink error. Please help me if anyone know a solution for this issue. Thank you. Does anyone have faced this kind of issue ?

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5time caps lock bilinking but no on display


tengo una laptop hp stream 14 cb111wm q enciende el led del caps lock 5 veces largas y 3 cortas pero no encuentro como reparar la enciendes y no da video pero cuando la apagas se ve un pantallazo negro como q apago ayuda por favor


HP Pavilion 15 Series caps lock blinking 7times long and 4 times short please help me any one


I have the same problem whet my "omen hp"


I'm looking to do a power reset, so I've opened up the device, but where is the coin battery?


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Hi @anjuwa

A 5:3 codes is a systemboard problem.

This is what HP says:

The red light blinks five times, and then three, short white light blinks

This condition indicates the embedded controller cannot reach the BIOS within the established time limit.

Remove all accessory devices from the notebook and try to start it.

Contact HP service.

Try a power refresh to hopefully get it working again.

i). Switch off the laptop and disconnect the charger from the laptop if connected.

ii). Disassemble the laptop and disconnect the battery from the systemboard. You don’t have to remove the battery, simply disconnect it.

iii) Remove the RTC coin cell battery from the systemboard. Remember its orientation for when you reinsert it later. Usually it is +ve on top as marked on the battery

Here’s the maintenance and service guide for the laptop, taken from this webpage. This details the necessary pre-requisite steps to access and remove the components. The RTC battery is not mentioned but when you have the laptop open and can access the systemboard, you will see it.

iv). Press and hold the laptop’s Power on button for a full 30 seconds and then release it. This will restore the BIOS to its default settings, in case a corrupted BIOS was the cause of the problem.

v). Reinsert the RTC coin cell battery, (remember orientation), reconnect the main battery, re-assemble the laptop, connect the charger and turn on the laptop and check.

If it starts OK there may be a message about the date and time being incorrect. This is normal as the BIOS has been reset. Once the D&T have been adjusted, the message won’t appear the next time the laptop is started.

If the error code is still there, then commiserations, as there is a problem on the systemboard. You may either have to find the schematics for the systemboard and try to work out what’s wrong or contact a reputable, professional laptop repair service.

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Hi @jayeff

your solution helped me as well! Many thanks for your effort in replying and supporting, here. Very appreciated.

(HP Spectre X360)


i did all and yet it is not working


My hp laptop ( da-1058tu) doesn't have an RTC battery on the motherboard, I have double-checked it, how to replace the CMOS battery if the laptop doesn't have one on it?



The "cmos" battery voltage is supplied by the main battery

Try disconnecting the charger (if connected), removing the battery from the systemboard and then holding the power button operated for 30 seconds. and release it.

Here's the maintenance and service guide taken from the support page for your model.

Go to p.41 to view the procedure to remove the battery

Reconnect the battery, re-assemble the laptop, reconnect the charger and check if it turns on OK.


tengo una laptop hp stream 14 cb111wm q enciende el led del caps lock 5 veces largas y 3 cortas pero no encuentro como reparar la enciendes y no da video pero cuando la apagas se ve un pantallazo negro como q apago y no tiene cmos ni pila ayuda plis


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Step 1: Disconnect and reset your memory module

  • First, remove the protective casing that protects your memory module located on the backside.
  • Now, take out the memory sticks and put them back.
  • Try switching on the system. If it works properly, then you have solved your problem.

Step 2: Perform a Windows Memory Diagnostics Test

While the problem may appear to be resolved by resetting the memory sticks, it's worth running a diagnostic test to determine if your RAM is defective.

  • Click the Start button, and then type Windows Memory Diagnostic.
  • Click on it. The new option box will now open. Click on "Restart now to check for problems"
  • Windows will restart, and run the test to determine if there is a problem with your RAM. It will then automatically restart the system after the test is complete.
  • Once it has restarted, wait for the message box to display the result.
  • Your memory sticks will be fine if there are no errors.
  • If it turns out that one of your memory sticks is defective, you can replace it.

Answer Source - hp caps lock blinking codes

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