Car smoking under hood by passenger side

I just bought a used 2010 GMC Terrain now everytime the car runs for long periods of time and is turned sharply to the right it starts to smoke and makes the cab smell like something is burning but the car is not over heating. Eventually after I shut it off it will cool down and be just fine. No fluids are leaking and power steering is full. Anyone know what could be causing it?

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@hphilly3 "is turned sharply to the right" makes me wonder if your tire is rubbing against something. Check the suspension and the inner fender on the right for rubbing marks. Does your temperature gauge go up at all?


Hi @hphilly3,

How hot is the right front wheel hub getting?

It may be that the brakes are binding and heating up.

Once you smell the burning smell, stop the vehicle and use the back of the hand and move it towards the wheel hub and feel the temp.

Be careful as it may be very hot!

After a long drive it may be warm but not too hot to touch unless you have been doing a lot of hard braking. Compare it to the left front wheel hub temp.


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