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Device repair and information for HP's line of Pavilion 15" laptop computers.

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HP Laptop no Power

Hello, I have an HP 15-n261tx laptop that is unable to post. It was liquid damaged originally, but after cleaning it wit isopropyl alcohol I am now able to get a charger light when plugged in. The laptop’s power light also turns on when the laptop is closed, but when I open it, the light turns off. The power button does nothing. The fans do not spin when I try to turn it on. All help would be appreciated.

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TechVid sounds like corrosion issues withsome of the components circuitry on your motherboard. How did you clean the water damage? Post some good pictures of the board with your QUESTION (both sides) Ajout d'images à une question existante


Heyy oldturkey03, thanks for responding, I cleaned the water damage by placeing the board in isopropyl alcohol for 3 hours, I flipped the board over after 1.5 hours. I will add some images later today!



What is the model number of the motherboard as printed on the board?

Knowing the board number will hopefully help to find the schematics which will help (Quanta DAOU82 something perhaps)


@jayeff I am extremely sorry for such a late answer, the number on the board is DA0U83MB6E0 REV : E


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Hi @TechVid,

Here's a link to the schematics for the motherboard.

On p.25 you'll find the pinout for the power button connector.

Pin 6 is the lead that connects to the motherboard's I/O chip to begin the startup process. Not sure if it will be an earth that is applied when the button is operated or the +3VPCU voltage, so first check what you test on pin 6 when the button is pressed i.e. either 3V battery or an earth.

Use a voltmeter and check for the battery voltage first when the button is operate and if there's nothing there, disconnect the battery from the motherboard i.e. no power connected and then use an Ohmmeter to check for an earth on pin 6 when the button is operated.

If no battery check if there is battery on pin 1. If no battery on pin 1 then you'll have to find out why there's no +3VCPU voltage.

If there is battery on pin 1 check if there is an earth on pins 4 & 5.

If neither battery or earth on pin 6 when the power button is operated, then the button may be faulty.

Time consuming but this is what you need to do when you're trying to find out what's happening. Hopefully you know how to read schematics and to use a DMM (digital multimeter)

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Turns out the power controller chip had exploded at some point as there was a burn mark near it and it was deformed, looks like it'll be needing a new board



What is the damaged power chip component ID number on the motherboard, e.g. Q???? perhaps?

If you look for that component in the schematics you will find the model number of the component printed underneath it.

If you search online for that number you may find suppliers.

If the damage was caused by liquid damage perhaps just replacing it may resurrect the board.

Worth a try as most of the components aren't that expensive.


@jayeff PC194 PR166 PC202 PR170 РQ49

PQ50 is printed next to the burnt chip




PQ50 is an NTTFS4C25N (supplier example only)

PC194 is a 2200P/50V_4 = 2200pF 50V capacitor and I think that the _4 means 0402 smd package.

PR166 is a 2.2_6 resistor which I think means a 2.2Ohm resistor in a 0608 package but I'm not sure as I've never seen it written as 2.2. If it were 2R2 then yes it is a 2.2.Ohm resistor. Perhaps measure PR183 as it is the same.

PC202 is the same as PC194

PR170 is the same as PR166

PQ49 is a MDV1595SURH (supplier example only)


@jayeff is there something I should be able to do with this info.. sorry I’m not very electrically literate


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