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2nd Generation high performance tablet computer released by Apple on June 2017. Model A1670.

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Schematics for 12.9 Pro 2nd gen


I have some trouble with the touch on a 2nd gen after screen replacement, and have messure wrong diode value on one of the pins. In zxw this modle is there, but only so i can see which pads that is connected, not that I can see schematics and what kind of component there is.

I have serached with out being able to find it for 12.9 2nd gen, is there any one that maybe have it?



Update (03/28/2022)


Its the pin on this line:

Block Image

Would need to know what kind of components that is so I can replace them

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Which board number (820-XXXXX) specifically are you looking for. iPad schematics in general are less available than iPhones.

Also, which pin is giving you an incorrect reading?


Hm. Not the ones I would have expected. One component is certainly a capacitor since of the the contacts is a ground. The other from what I can tell is a resistor, but what the values might be I have no idea.

When you say the diode reading is incorrect, what reading are you getting?


@flannelist Thanks for your reply ! Actually the one I showed was with the LCD and not touch, swapped to random resistor + cap from a gen 1 board that looked the same, now i get right value.

Then i found another pin with bad value on the other connector. did the same and took random cap and resistor that look similar from gen 1 board, now everything works fine! :-D


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Sadly, not all of the schematics and board views have fallen off the back of Apple’s truck ;-{

Apple is trying hard to prevent these from leaking out.

The Right to Repair!

There are two sides to this argument!

Apples position is allowing competitors access to how they do things given them a head start. The other is allowing people to fix their own systems.

While I can see their points I’m sure the competitors have smart people who have taken the time to tear down the device and reverse engineer the design. As many of the components are off the shelf it wouldn’t take much to figure things out and even if the chip is custom its not hard to create a blackbox on what’s happening inside. Digital signaling is on the most part is straight forward (Zero’s and One’s)

Keeping people out also doesn’t stop people with the skills from repairing systems it only slows them down, and in many a case issues of bad design where often caught by the independents. iFixit has collectively ID’ed many failures Apples and others! So we are often the watchdogs keeping the makers honest (as best as we can).

It’s taken time, we are making headway! Give it a bit more time things are moving! Hopefully we will have all of the needed info to do repairs.

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