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hard drive replacement not mounting

hello there, i have a macbook air 2008 model and i think my hard drive is bad, reason being is that about 2 days ago the drive just would not boot back to the os. it goes into disk utility. i took it to the apple store and they said that my computer is only available to 80gb but i do have a hs12yha 120gb pata drive, i saw that your website have a drive for 249 bucks but on amazon has a similar drive for 69.00 same spec. please tell me the diffrence. right now my labtop is dead in the water. whatever information you can tell me that would be great. thx

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The major difference between the 2 drives is the one iFixit sells is a model hs12yha that turns at 4200 RPM drive and the one on Amazon is a model hs12yha/a (blow up the picture for the actual model on the drive), which is revision A of the hs12yha, that turns at 3600 RPM drive. There will be a performance difference any time the laptop needs to access virtual memory. So you will experience slower boot up times and more drumming of the fingers between clicking on a program to open and when you cam use them with the 3600 RPM drive. I really don't see a compatibility issue since at least 1 review on Amazon speaks of having successfully installed it in a MacBook Air.

Which one to buy depends on how you use the computer, how much you use the computer and how much you value your time. If you are a power user, with multiple applications open all the time, or use memory intense programs on a regular basis I would suggest the 4200 RPM hard drive. If you are a regular user, not using it for graphic design and don't watch many flash videos I would say the 3600 RPM hard drive is a very feasible way to go.

Please understand I am not advocating either direction. I am just trying to give you some food for thought to enable you to make an educated, economical, decision that will best suit your needs and wallet.

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