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Fourth generation wireless keyboard made by Apple. Released in October 2015. Model A1644.

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Apple Magic Keyboard 2 - Will work with Mac Pro 2008?

Hi everyone,

Can I use Apple Magic Keyboard 2 (with num pad) with old Mac Pro 2008 ? Can be connected over bluetooth or I must use USB/Lightning cable ?

Thanks a lot for any ideas.

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Keyboards haven't really changed so it should work via Bluetooth or USB connection.

Clearly the TouchID function won't work.

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@danj thanks a lot, I just want be 100% sure as it’s not cheap :)


@roboscrap - How about getting a cheaper keyboard? You can find used Apple keyboards.


@danj it's look like I will go with used one (probably even Magic 1)

1. Touch ID working only with M1-> (don't have any)

2. Price :(

3. didn't find any good reason to get Magic 2 anyway :)


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