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A color version of the Nintendo Game Boy, released in 1998. Repair of this device is straightforward.

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Why can’t I start Zelda Links Awakening on the Gameboy?

I recently got a used Gameboy and I decided to get Zelda: Links Awakening DX and it works perfectly up until when the title screen plays after Zelda interacts with Link who is washed upon the shore and I cannot press anything I tried pressing START A B etc. but I’m still stuck at the title screen. Help me?

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Hello, does this issue happen with any other game or just the one Zelda game?


Currently I only own Zelda so I’m not sure


@weeatfeet It could be an issue with the game cartridge. See if you can get ahold of a different game and see if that has the same issue.


Could it possibly be a problem with the Gameboy? Because I actually bought a used Gameboy from a friend and they never really took care of it so I’m thinking maybe there’s something with the console?


@weeatfeet Yes, but ideally external factors should be ruled out when troubleshooting before working on the device itself.


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@weeatfeet unlikely that this is caused by a bad cartridge battery. The purpose of the battery in the cartridge is to retain stored memory such as saved games. Of course, try it and see what works. Also, try a different game and remember that if the cartridge is not inserted fully, a poor connection with the Game Boy Color can cause the game to freeze. You also want to clean the cartridge pins use some isopropyl alcohol in a high concentration (like +90% is best, anything lower has way to much water and will not work for this ) and some cotton swabs for the cleaning . Or you can check on here for more ideas.If none of that works, you'll have to actually take a look at the card reader pins etc. Let us know what you find out. Game Boy Color Troubleshooting

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that sounds like the the save battery is dead on the Gameboy cartridge

Update (06/02/2022)

i had the same problem with a Pokémon yellow i had it was a save battery prob I found they are only supposed work for 2 years but they have been known to work for 10 years depending on how much u play on it

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