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Information and repair instructions for Bosch Freezer

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Why is there a rusty/corroded pipe along the top of my freezer?

We had guests staying in our house for the past week and they didn't close the freezer door properly. Upon arriving home, I noticed that the top freezer drawer was frozen shut and a ton of ice/snow was building up all over the freezer from being exposed to the air. The top drawer was about 50% full of ice/snow. Long story short, we've spent the past 24 hours with the fridge/freezer off waiting for all the ice and snow to melt so we could use it again. Now that almost all the ice and snow are gone, I've noticed a damaged-looking pipe along the top of the freezer. Did this happen because they left it open? Does it seem like an older issue? Should I be worried about the health of my freezer? See photo for details.

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Update (06/21/2022)

So it looks like its a BOSCH fridge/freezer combo. See the photo for full details (I live in Germany so I guess the info is in German, but looks like it's also in English). Today is actually the first day I've ever seen that pipe, meaning its been covered in ice buildup for the past 2 years LOL (I'm also guilty of leaving the door open for a few hours once which is probably why the ice built up?). But the ice-build up was never bad enough that the door wouldn't close. I think these guests of mine left it open for quite a while and I only noticed it several hours after getting back. It's entirely possible that the fridge door was open (just a tiny crack) for days. Its back on now and cooling down again, with all ice removed. Lets hope it stays that way!

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That is a copper line. Looks like the suction line, coming from the evap. Looks like the evap is either aluminum or coated with something. But that like is fine. The discoloration you see is from using an oxy acetylene torch to braze the lines. Nothing to worry about, it looks in good shape. If they left the door open or cracked for an extended period of time, that will absolutely cause massive buildup of ice and frost. A heat gun or hair dryer is a safe way to melt it, if you need it done faster. If it happens again when you know the door has been closed properly, then suspect an issue with the defrost. But if it doesn't recurr, then you'll be fine. A defrost heater/time cycle cannot handle the massive ice build-up from excess moisture. So leaving the door opened will cause it to freeze up to the point the defrost cycle cannot handle it.

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OK great! It's been working great for the past 24 hours without buildup, so I guess we're all good. Thanks for the insights.


@Robert Carr sounds like you should be good then. Just keep an eye on it. If there's an issue with the defrost timer/heater it might take a week or so to pop up. Not the end of the world if it does happen. But improper door management accounts for easily 95% of all frozen coils I have to defrost


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What is the make and model number of the refrigerator (freezer?)?

The pipe is a copper pipe (doesn't rust) so it may just be a verdigris coating that is discolouring it as well as when it was heated to solder it to the other pipe into the evaporator unit during manufacture.

Ice buildup is usually due to a defrost problem, although leaving the door open wouldn't help as the moisture in the warmer air entering the compartment would condense and then freeze due to the icy cold temperature (0°F or -18°C) of the evaporator unit.

If it ices up again to the same amount (with the door properly closed) and if the refrigerator is an auto defrost model, then it may be due to a faulty defrost heater, a faulty defrost thermostat, a blocked defrost drain or a faulty defrost timer or control board.

Knowing the make and model number will help to find the problem more easily.

Update (06/21/2022)

Hi @Robert Carr

If you ever need replacement parts for the refrigerator, here's a link that may help.

Search online using the Bosch part number for the required part to find suppliers that suit you best.

Maybe a tip to prevent the door from staying open is to slightly raise the fridge at the front only using the two front levelling adjustment feet so that when the door is held open from about half way open and then let go it will fully close itself. I had to do this for my elderly mother who was forever forgetting to close the fridge doors.

You don't have to raise it too much to get the doors to self close as you don't want any contents in the refrigerator to start sliding towards the back of the fridge.

I know that the fridge manufacturers recommend that the fridge is level all around i.e. front to back and side to side for correct operation, but it didn't seem to affect the operation of the fridge at all by slightly raising it evenly at the front.

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Hey I will respond to this in another answer because I want to attach a photo of the full specs! thanks so much for helping


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