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Released in 1996 by Nintendo, second device in the Game Boy line

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Replaced polarized filter but it shows nothing

Recently I decided to fix my old Game Boy Pocket because the polarized filter was burnt. I ordered a new filter and I removed the old one (I saw a few tutorials online).

After I removed the glue with alcohol, I was going to put the new polarized filter on. The problem is that it shows nothing.

I tried to rotate the film, to move the contrast wheel but nothing. I know it works because the screen goes black and then green but nothing.

I tried with and without a game insert on. The screen doesn't seem broken, even the ribbon cable seems fine.

What should I do? Can you help me please?

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@twiggy7 you rotated the filter or you flipped it over? It is possible that you have it revered. Try some polarized sunglasses and see if you can see the screen (did it before myself on a TV;-)


Yes I did but nothing happens. Is it possible that I broke the screen? If so, how can I check it?


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@twiggy7 there really is not a good simple way to check the display. Of course, checked the ribbon cable make sure it is in good order, no cracks or corrosion. Check the connector for corrosion, bend pins etc. After that I would suggest you replace the screen and see what it shows you. In order to check the video circuitry you would need to have the proper schematics and an oscilloscope etc.

Game Boy Pocket LCD Screen Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

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At this point I think I broke the screen. I would like to buy another one but I didn't find anything online.


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