Weird sound coming from 2015 lancer want to find out what it is!

So after driving for about 10 minutes my 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer starts to sound like this and I’ve went to mechanics and they said they do not know what it is someone please help!

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Does it seem to come from the front or the rear of the vehicle, can't tell by listening to the video?


From the front.


@Renato S Razuri

Process of elimination.

Check if the front (and rear) shock absorbers are bad.

Go to a corner at the front of the vehicle and push down on the vehicle as far and as hard as you can and then let go.

Do this several times in a row to set up a rocking motion in the vehicle.

When you stop the vehicle should bounce up once more and then settle back to its normal traveling height.

If it continues to bounce the shock absorber on that side needs to be checked. Do the same with the other side of the car.

You can also check the ones at the rear of the vehicle the same way.


Could be a bad tie rod or just about anything front end related

Hard to say with such a short video and no way to diagnose


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