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Le OnePlus 6T est un smartphone Android fabriqué par OnePlus. Il a été annoncé le 29 octobre 2018 et est disponible depuis le 6 novembre 2018.

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Different model screen replacement?

I've already bought a new phone but I want to get my data out of my old one. I can't find any repair shop that has a replacement so is it possible to use a screen from a different model of phone just to switch phones then throw it away?

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Hi @heckinlovestenz

The short answer is No.

You would have to know the flex cable pinout for both screens to know if they are interchangeable for a start. Also even if they have cable wiring, they may have different operating requirements. You would need to have the datasheets for both screen to know for sure. You could end up damaging the motherboard (as well as the screen) by connecting the wrong screen.

If your old phone is a OnePlus 6T then ifixit has a replacement screen for it. Depends if you want to pay that much to get your data.

Image OnePlus 6T Screen


OnePlus 6T Screen


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Buy a cheap aftermarket screen from eBay.


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