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Repair guides and troubleshooting information for the Game & Watch, a series of 60 handheld video games produced by Nintendo from 1980 to 1991.

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What screwdriver should be used to unscrew Game and Watch screws?

I was wondering what screwdriver is required to undo the Game and Watch screws. This question is not for the new Game and watches with the tri-wing screws. This is for the ones from the 80's era.

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(Sorry for thread revival).

It's some kind of proprietary variation of a flat head screw with a registration pin in the centre. A standard 3mm flat head will work, but it'll just be a little more precarious than normal because of the gap in the middle. I've only been searching for a day, but I don't know if these are available today. If anything, they might be found in Akihabara in Tokyo or Den-den town in Osaka,


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could you give more info, is it a certain shape etc. like philips could be ph00 gameboy could be gamebit

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It looks to be a flathead but idk what size.

i looked at an image and it looks to say 4.3 mm


@tay0_0 an ifixit kit will have most of the bits you need but there are various screwdriver sets on the market, depends on your budget etc


Thank you so much!


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