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A home electrical installation is a complex system of electrical components that bring power into a home and distribute it to the various outlets, appliances, and lighting fixtures.

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Issues Testing an Imperial Electric Permanent Magnet Motor

I've come under the possession of 3 Imperial Electric motors:

Model: P66LR006

Volts: 36 VDC

Amps: 100

HP: 1.3

RPM: 2100

Before selling them I've been trying to test their function. I have three 12 VDC batteries that I can wire in series to obtain the 36 VDC but want to make sure I'll be doing this correctly.

My questions relate to the DC voltage mostly.

#1: Since I do not have the controller for this motor (came off a floor scrubber) would the best way to test this be applying a lower amount of VDC and slowly ramping it up to 36 VDC? What type of electrical device in series with the batteries would be able to do this?

#2 These motors ask specifically for lead acid batteries. I'm not very familiar with testing electric motors in this way. Would a car battery be a bad idea to utilize in the testing method? Do Crank Case Amps have any negative effect on a permanent magnet motor?

Obviously I need to learn more about DC voltage in relation to electric motors and any help here is much appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi @mr_paule

Looking at the compliance plate on the motor you would need a voltage/current supply and controller capable of handling the current and voltage required by the motor.

I don't think that a 12V car battery would suffice as most can't supply the necessary current i.e. 100A (as shown on the plate - see image) or the voltage. Even with 3 car batteries in series to get the required 36VDC you still wouldn't have enough current available to fully test the motor.

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