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PC de bureau assemblé par soi-même à partir de composants disponibles sur le marché, plutôt que d’être prémonté par un fabricant grand public. Leur assemblage peut aussi être effectué par une entreprise spécialisée.

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My PC keeps crashing completely randomly.

My custom built desktop pc (parts list here) keeps randomly crashing. What happens is usually:

  • My monitor loses signal
  • all my peripherals stop working
  • The pc seemingly stays on for a few minutes (the rgb doesn't turn off)
  • The pc finally shuts down.
  • I've tried multiple things to fix this issue. I've reset my bios by removing the battery from the mobo, and I've reseated my gpu and ram. Somehing to note is that sometimes the pc emits an odd smell, like a burning smell. Can anyone help me fix this to get my pc working again?
  • (AMD Socket AM3 unrelated, i just picked that because the forum told me to select a device)
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Hi @pastaboy71,

Random makes it difficult so basic checks first.

Are the CPU and GPU fans working OK and clean etc?

Have you got the latest Nvidia GeForce drivers (applicable to the installed OS) installed?

Check in Event Viewer for any Critical, Error or Warning events that are logged at the time the PC stops. To get to Event Viewer in Win 10 press the Win key and x key (both together).

Does it only occur when playing games or using a particular program?


@jayeff Fans are working and clean, my geforce drivers are up to date, and the only thing event viewer is showing is "the system rebooted without cleanly shutting down first" It occurs across the whole pc, not just when using a particular program.



When you said "all my peripherals stop working", did they still have power i.e. keyboard lights, mouse laser light etc or not, before the PC shut down?

Run the memory diagnostics and check. As I said being random you have to start eliminating things to try and narrow down where the problem is.

Try running in safe mode and check if it occurs.


@jayeff My peripherals still have power, lights on keyboard, mouse and controller stay on. I ran the memory diagnostic and it said no errors were detected. With the burning smell I am starting to think its a faulty psu.



Try the paperclip teston the PSU.

Also get into BIOS and stay there. Monitor the temps and check if it shuts down when in BIOS

Did you try safe mode?


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Ways to fix

Fix 1. Cool the Computer

The motherboard, CPU overheating, and poor heat dissipation will cause a crash. The monitor, power supply, and CPU generate a lot of heat during work, so it is very important to maintain good ventilation. If the monitor is overheated, it will cause color and image distortion and even shorten the life of the monitor.

The heat dissipation of the CPU is an important issue related to the stability of the computer's operation. It is recommended to open one side panel of the case when using the computer in summer to increase the heat dissipation effect. If it is a laptop, it is recommended to use a cooling fan or a cooling pad.

Fix 2. Clean the Dust

After a long period of use, your computer and laptop hardware can get very dusty. This dust will seriously affect the heat dissipation of the computer. This leads to a decrease in computer performance. For example, if the floppy drive head or the optical drive laser head is contaminated with too much dust, it will cause read and write errors, or even cause the computer to crash. So, you need to regularly dust off the hardware in your computer.

Fix 3. Check the Hardware Connection

Vibration during the movement of the computer often causes the internal hardware to loosen, such as loosening of the memory bar, resulting in poor contact and causing the computer to crash. Therefore, severe vibration should be avoided when moving the computer.

Fix 4. Check the Hard Disk Bad Sectors

If your hard disk has bad sectors due to improper use or aging, your computer is prone to crash randomly when it is running. You can use special disk partitioning software



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Sound like its the PSU Or CPU,

Why I say CPU is because it says on the part list that the MotherBoards Bios need updating

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The BIOS is updated.


Then this is most likely a PSU Problem.


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Check thermal paste on your cpu and possibly add a liquid cooler. If you smell burning its most likely you processor/cpu overheating.

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liquid cooler keeps shutting down

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What kind of liquid cooler is it and how old is it


Make sure it's plugged into one of the correct cpu fan inserts directly to mother board and or check to see if you removed the plastic on the cold plate that touches the cpu.


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