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My fridge is too warm but my freezer is too cold

I have a side by side fridge/freezer. The freezer is set to the warmest setting and the fridge set to coldest. (Not how I usually have it set, just since having a problem). My freezer is so cold that I can't crack ice trays or scoop ice cream. My fridge is too warm. It's still "chilled" but not as cold as it was or as it should be. The bottom vent in fridge was frozen over and I melted that out with a hair dryer. The fan next to the compressor is spinning. I'm not sure if I'm hearing my compressor kick on but my freezer is working so I'm assuming the compressor runs that? How can I tell if the top vent is frozen? I can't see ice the way I could on the bottom vent but I'm wondering if there could be a build up. What else can I check? My ice/water has never been hooked up so that isn't a problem and I have checked the seals on the doors and they are both tight. I checked the coils for dirt and while they are somewhat dusty they aren't covered or blocked. The amount of food in both sides is about the same as its always been. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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Hi @dackra,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?

Can you hear if the evap. fan inside the freezer compartment is operating? It will run whenever the compressor is operating, but stops when a door (either door) is opened. Try opening and closing a door and check if you can hear the fan stop and start


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Pull out the bottom drawer on the refrigerator side. On the all next to the freezer you should see a vent (some have damper controls). Make sure that vent is open and is not blocked on either the freezer side or refrigerator side.

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That vent had been filled with ice, which I melted out with a hair dryer. I'm wondering if it could be frozen in places I can't see? The top vent is where my damper is and I can't see any ice, but I'm not sure that means there isn't any.


you should know bt tomorrow if you got it.


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