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According to Minolta it was "the most innovative SLR" in that era. And in a way it is, as soon as the photographer puts his eye to the camera it begins to focus and to zoom to create the best possible picture. It reacts to the program-card used, Minolta offered a wide range of pre-programmed chip-cards for various types of shooting, i.e. landscape, portrait or sports. If no card is inserted it functions as a normal P-setting, giving a programmed shutter/aperture combination.

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Why is help displayed in the camera data display window?

After installing a fresh battery the word "help" is displayed in the data display window of the camera. There is no function when the shutter release is pressed, no film advance nothing is working.

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Hi @cuzz

According to p.94 of the user manual, help indicates a winding motor problem.

The solution offered is to remove the battery and then re-install it.

What is the battery charge being shown by the 4 bar indicator in the data panel when you turn the camera on?

Just verifying that you installed a 2CR5 Lithium battery? Maybe check the voltage of the battery. It should be 6V. The shutter is locked when the battery has been depleted.

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