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Released in 2007, model F130W. Available with 512MB or 1GB internal memory.

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Cracked lens on Cisco FlipVideo - can I fix?

I have a FlipVideo that I found in a box saved by my daughter, who passed last year suddendly. I can get the videos off of the device through a laptop and USB but the lens on the

Block Image

device is cracked. I'd like to keep using this for old-time sakes. It is a low resolution of course, but it means a lot to me. Any advice? See photos

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What is the model number of the camera?

You may be able to fix it by sourcing a non working or cheap same model camera (is this it?) and using it as a parts donor for your camera. If the example I linked is not the same model, search online e.g. Ebay, Craig's list etc for your model camera to see if there are any available, even non working as long as the lens appears to be OK and the price suits.

There doesn't seem to be any service manuals available online to help you to disassemble it but here's the ifixit Flip Ultra HD Teardown guide along with the ifixit Remplacement de l'objectif du Flip Video guide (not the same model but maybe still helpful) that may help you.

Image Flip Video Objectif


Remplacement de l'objectif du Flip Video

Difficulté :


Image Flip Ultra HD


Flip Ultra HD Teardown

Difficulté :


15 minutes

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