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This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the HP Envy m6-k015dx.

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Laptop Power ic issue

Laptop power IC dead bet I can't replace mother bord

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Which IC is it (any markings could help find a replacement)? How do you know it's dead?


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Possible Causes: A/C adapter or power cord faulty, power jack loose, power jack broken, power jack assembly faulty, power on/off switch faulty, battery pack faulty, power management integrated circuit malfunctions, power management circuit overheated or dead, anyone of the internal module has a short circuit.



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if my laptop turns on but not providing display turn on effect, not providing start up sound, only keyboard turns on display is black as before switching on, caps lock key's light is blinking, wi-fi button is showing off by it's red light, so what could be the problem is there nay issue in motherboard's IC???


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