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HP 24-f1047c power not flowing


Sorry for the different PC, the 24 wasn't listed in the devices list, but is a descendant of the 22 series.

Yesterday, my HP All-in-One randomly lost all power while I was playing a game on it. It is powered by an external brick, which I determined still works after testing it with a multimeter.

I tried turning it back on but it wouldn't respond. At most the power indicator above the socket in the computer would flash a few times, showing that there was some electricity flowing but not a lot and not for long, about 10 seconds after I plugged the power in. I've already tried looking for areas of short circuit and also reseated the ram.

Is there anything else I should do before contacting professional repair?

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Hi @satyroth

An intermittent power light might indicate a loose DC-In jack (supplier example only) or perhaps a broken centre pin in the jack.

What can happen is that the centre +ve pin of the jack breaks internally and this opens the power supply path from the adapter to the motherboard. Therefore the motherboard won't turn on when the power is connected.

To check this out, disconnect the power to the PC and then disassemble it enough to gain access to the jack.

Once there check that it is not loose on the board and also use an Ohmmeter to prove continuity between the jack's +ve centre pin input and its output on the board and also the -ve outer ring connector as well.

If the jack is faulty it has to be replaced as it cannot be repaired

If the jack is OK then there's a motherboard problem

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Hey @jayeff, thank you for the help.

I tested the Jack and it works well according to the ohmmeter, but unfortunately the pc still won't turn on.

I'll be looking into what to do about the motherboard in the meantime.



What is the model number of the motherboard (printed on the board)? Not the HP part number.

Knowing this may help to find the schematics. Worth a try.


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