Why is my screen flashing black with a purple line through it

My laptop screen keeps turning black with a purple line that blinks and the black screen blinks too.it also starts to blink worse when i move my mouse or go out of a tab can i please have help. I dont know if you can awnser here so if you want to contact me please do so

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Hi @cody1000d,

Try connecting an external monitor to the laptop and check its display.


@jayeff hey sorry but idk how to do that im only 16



If your laptop model is the same as what you selected (check on info label on the bottom of the laptop), you can connect the laptop to a TV using a HDMI cable that has the appropriate plugs at each end to fit each device i.e. TV and laptop.

When it is connected you can start the laptop and then when it has booted and the display turns off, press the function key with the rectangle on it (4th or 5th key along the top row) to change the displayto the TV. make sure that the TV is on and that its input is the HDMI port that the laptop is connected to.

This is all being done to check whether the problem is in the display or perhaps on the motherboard in the laptop. If the TV display is OK then it's the laptop display that has the problem.

To find out what you can do next then knowing the exact model number of your laptop will help, especially if new parts are required.

Has the laptop been dropped or gotten wet at all?


@jayeff sorry i just reply i forgot to awnser you i hooked it up to my tv and its working fine but. The laptop is still do it and i have dropped it but not that high and i dont remember it getting wet



Please confirm the model number of the laptop, as knowing this will help to find the service manual which shows how to safely open it and check if the video cable connection is OK and also if it is what the part number is for the screen as it seems it may have to be replaced. The manual details how to do this.


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