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Water sprays from bottom of the fridge when I I

Water sprays from bottom of refrigerator when I try to use water dispenser in door of refrigerator. And nothing comes out of dispenser.

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Hi @nanaof9,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?


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As @jayeff has pointed out, we need to know the model number on your fridge to give you a good answer, but in the meantime I'll generalize a bit.

On my GE fridge the valve for the water dispenser isn't located at the outlet where the water comes out, but rather is farther back inside the machine. Which means it has a length of tubing to run through between the valve and the outlet.

My suspicion on yours is that the tubing has broken somewhere along the line after the valve but before the outlet so every time you turn on the water, it's coming out of the broken tube and not making it up to the dispenser.

Once we have the model information, we can take a look at parts diagrams and figure out where the tubing runs and how to get to it so you can find the break.

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