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The Sony CLIÉ PEG-SL10 is a Personal digital assistant made by Sony. It ran Palm OS 4.1. It was released in 2000.

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Replacing battery causes a hard reset

I recently bought a Sony Clie PEG-SL10, primarily for the fact that it takes 2 AAA batteries (easy to replace). However when I do replace the batteries the whole unit hard resets. I can’t find a lot of information on the motherboard but there appears to be 4 cells that might be small batteries (or maybe capacitors?) that would keep the memory long enough to swap batteries over. They appear to be soldered in.

Edit: added annotated cells on an image of motherboard.

Block Image

Anyone know how I can fix the unit? I’d love to contribute a guide for it, and maintain a great piece of old kit.

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@bensleveritt if you are looking at what I think you are, then yes, those are batteries. But just to make sure, circle the components you are looking at and post that images with your question. If those batteries are depleted, you will always end up with a hard reset. You may just have to replace them as well.

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Thanks for your response!

Added an annotated image with the cells highlighted. If they are batteries, do you have any suggestions for how to replace them? My initial thought was to prise them out of their soldered enclosures, identify what kind of cell they are and replace them appropriately. But perhaps I should be replacing the whole cell enclosure?


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To me it looks like they're soldered onto the board and their solder tags are spot welded onto the battery case.

This is usual for batteries with solder tags because soldering leads directly onto batteries using a soldering iron requires too much heat and can cause problems in the battery so the tags are spot welded on in the factory under controlled conditions.

Unsolder the battery tag connections on the board to remove the complete battery unit i.e. battery with attached tags.

Hopefully the battery model number will be stamped on the other side of the battery. If so search online for the battery model number to hopefully find suppliers.

Also take note if there is a polarity marking on the other side as well i.e. + symbol. If so make sure that you connect the replacement batteries the same way.

You can damage rechargeable batteries if they're installed incorrectly i.e. reverse polarity

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Thanks for the advice. Before I desolder them, I notice there's a 0016 stamped on the side (or could be a 9100). A cursory search doesn't reveal anything significant, but I might not be looking for the right thing. Any idea what that might be?



No idea.

Hopefully there will be something on the other side.

They look like batteries but I'm wondering if this is the case why there's 4 of them and why one of the 4 is so far away from the others.

Maybe just take one off and see. They look like they're all the same


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